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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Marketing
The key to any business website or even personal website is people being able to find it!
So what is the key entry point to a website? Search Engines.
Why Search Engines? Its free DUH! Not only that if I want a new 120inch flat screen TV then i am going to "Google It"
Search Engines like Google are very good at finding our sites all by them self but it can take what would seem like for ever for them to discover our site and then they might not be bothered indexing each URL/page available on your site to the public.
So what is the better way? Tell the search engines as soon as your site is ready and when each and every new page is available or modified.


  • Site Map Handler for Automatic Search Engine Submission such as Google, (this is currently available how ever in the mean time you will need to submit to google manually using Web Master Tools)

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