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Site Map Handler

The Handler will be working immediately however at this time you will still need to let Google know of the handler if you want a speedy index of your site, otherwise it may take months. (do not expect anything from Google over night)

Google Setup & Walk-through

For using this in the meantime, it will be automated in the final release.
  1. Go to Google's Web Master Tools
  2. Verify as the site owner if you have not all ready done so.
  3. Select the site you are working with and you should now be at the "Dashboard".
  4. In the menu on the left select "Sitemaps"
  5. Select "Submit a Sitemap"
  6. Enter "SiteMap.axd" into the url box and click "Submit Sitemap" (also see optional Parameters below)
  7. Your now done and should not need to return here apart from to see what Google Systems has to say.

Optional Configuration Parameters

Add a parameter into the query string as you would normally
  • Formatting = None, Indented
  • UseFileModifiedDate = True, False

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