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Member Accounts & Listing Charges/Fee's


Reported by netasp
Is there a way the admin of the site can set a PayPal price for each category? for example the fee for listing a house is different from the fee of listing a car...etc? I think such an addition would be great.


SpiderMaster wrote Aug 18, 2010 at 2:22 AM

We do have we called a "Site Fee Joiner" Provider that may be available in the next alpha release after the introduction of the Member Account System. There is a lot of modifying the starter kit to get it up to where our current bits and pieces are at.

The Site Fee Joiner Provider works with our Member Account System. Currently not in the kit but it will provide Internal (Account Top Up) and External (Though providers such as Pay Pal) account management.

The Site Fee Joiner Provider itself works in a way for example that if you provided sub titles on your site by clicking a check box in the onclick event you would capture the IsChecked and add the amount to the listing total or remove if unchecked. It also provides support for Listing Length, Listing Types, and in any other way you could code the link in and out methods. Such as but not limited to Adding Listing Photos Half way through a listing or modifying a listing requiring Administration Approval and Removing it early could also be a fee.

The fees them self get defined in the administration and can be triggered to be on special from certain times including automatically where the engine that runs this has been told you expect $20per day or 1/2 Listings to have sub titles, The engine will then set it self up to do subtitles at a half price special on a specific day or specific times and so on. This can also work as combinations, 3 Images, Subtitle, Feature Listing with a 30% off discount.

wrote Feb 14, 2013 at 1:15 AM