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Before Running.

  1. Download the source or the compiled version.
  2. Run the included scripts to build the database or attach the Data Base included in a separate download as above.
  3. You should not need to configure the Connection Strings Locally how ever if you need to do this please use the issue tracker so I can establish your needs and guide you through the setup and provide documentation on this.
  4. You may need to set up read write settings in IIS for the App_Data folder as the application requires full permission in medium trust environments.
  5. Once running click the Register Link in the head of the page, The first user created (ONLY the first) is automaticlly an administrator.
  6. Configure your installation by clicking on the "Administration" Tab, It should now be visible to you when you sign in!
  7. Any problems at all please use Discussions or Issue Tracker above
  8. Find a problem and have a fix please Upload a Patch.
You should now be setup.
Happy Trading

Feature Information & Setup

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