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Any problems at all please use Discussions or Issue Tracker above.
Find a problem and have a fix please Upload a Patch.
  • Getting Started.
    • Download the source or the compiled version.
    • Run the SQL script to build the database or attach the Data Base included in a separate download as above (recommended).
    • You should not need to configure the Connection Strings Locally if using the attach option above, how ever if you need to do this please use the issue tracker so I can establish your needs and guide you through the setup and provide documentation on this.
    • Once running click the Register Link in the head of the page, The first user created (ONLY the first) is automaticlly an administrator.
    • Configure your installation by clicking on the "Administration" Tab, It should now be visible to you when you are signed in!
  • Hosting Specific
    • Set up read write settings in IIS for the App_Data folder as the application requires full permission in medium trust environments.
    • You may need to use the DataBase Publishing Wizard to create the DataBase on your hosted server.
You should now be setup.

Happy Trading

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